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1.1 Procedure for Updating this Manual


This chapter was updated in June 2021. The dates for the next update were added, and contact details updated for submitting amendments in Trafford.


  1. Format
  2. Accessing the Procedures
  3. Updating the Procedures
  4. Submitting Amendments

1. Format

Welcome to the electronic Procedures Manual for the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children Partnerships/ Partnerships

The electronic format has been designed to make the procedures easy to access and allows you to skip readily between linked sections via hyperlinks.

Please do not make copies of the Manual or parts thereof as these are likely to become out of date.

The Chapter Quick Guide explains how the Manual has been constructed and the key features which have been included to assist you in navigating the chapters.

2. Accessing the Procedures

The Manual is permanently available via this link and via the websites for each LSCP:

3. Updating the Procedures

The manual is updated on a regular basis.

The next update of the manual will go live online in February 2022. Following an update, the table of amendments in the Quick Guide includes a comprehensive list of the updated and new chapters for each edition of the manual and the nature of the amendments.

Where the manual has been updated, if a Chapter has been significantly amended or is new, it will be indicated in the Contents List and at the top of the relevant Chapter.

If you ‘Register for Updates’ by clicking on the blue button on the left hand tab, you will be notified by email whenever any updates are made to the manual. You will also receive our regular Policy Briefings, which provide updates on matters of topical interest.

4. Submitting Amendments

If you have any suggestions for additions/amendments to the procedures, contact the relevant member of the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Group for your area/organisation: