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Safeguarding in Sports


This chapter is reproduced by kind permission of Northamptonshire SCP.

This chapter was added to the manual in November 2015.

If you run an organisation which provides sport activities for children and young people, it is essential that you have the correct safeguarding policies and procedures in place. It is also important that your staff (paid or voluntary) know what their responsibilities are with regards to the safety and welfare of children and what to do should they be concerned about a child within their care. Having the correct policies and procedures in place to safeguard children and young people shows that your organisation/group takes safeguarding seriously.

Why should you have safeguarding procedures in place?

In England the law states that people who work with children and young people have a duty to keep them safe. This legislation is set out in The Children Act 2004. There is also further guidance in the Government document Working Together to Safeguard Children.

Guidance for Clubs

The following list of guidance and links will help you create a safeguarding pack for your sports club:

Further information and support is also available from: