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June 2023

CAPTION: June 2023 amendments
Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Thresholds for Children's Social Care Local information has been updated for Stockport.
Resolving Professional Differences/Escalation Policy Local information has been updated for Rochdale.
Making Referrals to Children's Social Care This chapter has been updated. Minor amendments have been made throughout in relation to practice/terminology in Trafford.
Abuse Linked to Spiritual and Religious Beliefs This chapter has been refreshed and additional information added in to Section 3, Concerns.
Forced Marriage This chapter has been amended in to reflect that the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Act 2022 raised the age of marriage and civil partnership to 18 in England and Wales, with effect from 26 February 2023.
Harmful Sexual Behaviours Presented by Children and Young People Local information for Rochdale has been updated.
Guidance for Safe Recruitment, Selection and Retention for Staff and Volunteers This chapter has been amended in line with revised Keeping Children Safe in Education. Section 4.5, Application Form has been updated to note that Keeping Children Safe in Education provides that schools and colleges should only accept copies of a curriculum vitae alongside an application form. A curriculum vitae on its own will not provide adequate information. Information has been added into Section 4.6, Scrutinising and Shortlisting in relation to online searches.
Local Contacts This chapter has been updated.

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Next update: December 2023


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